Emaux de Briare


Sodalite (II)
AL 40

Holite (II)
AL 42

Malachite (II)
AL 24

Minium (III)
AL 37

Mastic (I)
AL 20

Améthyste (II)
AL 27

Craie (I)
AL 01

Alâtre (I)
AL 03

Topaze (III)
AL 07

Onyx (III)
AL 11

Silex (I)
AL 08

Fabulite (II)
AL 16

Chaux (I)
AL 02

Pépite (III)
AL 22

Azurite (III)
AL 33

Saphir (III)
AL 06

Quartz (II)
AL 12

Calcédoine (I)
AL 04

Bentonite (I)
AL 38

Cobalt (III)
AL 34

Galène (III)
AL 05

Résine (III)
AL 31

Lave (II)
AL 36

Jaspe (II)
AL 14

Lazuli (III)
AL 18

Turquoise (III)
AL 25

Émeraude (III)
AL 41

Rubis (III)
AL 23

Porphyre (II)
AL 35


The Mazurka range of satin-finished mosaics is ideal for floors, particularly for high traffic areas, due to its durability and non-slip characteristics.

Another advantage of this satin-finished mosaic is that it has a wide variety of deep, vibrant colours.

Its format and colours allow it to be coordinated with the Harmonies gloss range to create modern decors.


  • Square format: 2.5 x 2.5
  • Thickness: 4 mm
  • Joint : 1,6 mm
  • Weight per m² : 8,5 kg


  • Indoor and outdoor, public and private floors and walls. U4 P3

Finishing element

Technical Data Sheet

The products are delivered glued to the grid, in 34.58 cm square sheets, packed in 2.04 m² cartons.

The decorations are made in sheets. The friezes are delivered per linear metre.