Emaux de Briare

Mosaïques et
Émaux de Briare


Over 150 years of history

In the middle of the nineteenth century, the engineer Jean-Felix Bapterosse set up the factory in Briare in order to produce jewelry beads, and later mosaic tiles. At that time, the worldwide recognition of Emaux de Briare’s colors won Briare the nickname of « the city of pearls ».

Rediscover Emaux de Briare’s history, visiting the website of the mosaics museum or have a look at Emaux de Briare on Wikipedia.

A unique style of mosaic

For more than 150 years, the Emaux de Briare have been synonymous of sparkling colors and with top of the range decor.

The range of colors with infinite shades, the variety of shapes, sizes and surfaces allow to meet the most creative and exacting demands as regards interior and exterior design.

An exclusive know-how recognized in the whole world

A unique phenomenon in the profession, the Emaux de Briare design, manufacture their own raw materials, and ensure production and quality control up to the final stage of glueing.

Thanks to this total expertise of the production process, added to a permanent research for a constant quality, the Emaux de Briare are “a material apart” endowed with physical and chemical properties without compare.

Finally, our flexible production allows us to create ranges responding to a list of specific instructions for a particular project, and even for relatively small surfaces.

We now invite you to discover some of our creations realized in the whole world and which show the confidence from our customers. Our research and design department is also at your complete disposal to assist you in your creations and your projects.

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