Emaux de Briare

Discover the other French quality ceramic
manufacturers in our group

Roger Capron

Creative tiles from the French Riviera
Roger Capron was a real artist, designing tiles inspired by the sunny Riviera.

Céramiques Carré

Artistic tiles since 1888
Based in Paris, Carre manufactures hand painted and hand crafted earthenware and stoneware tiles.

Aurum Ceramics

Metallized ceramics
This unique process enables to metallize all ceramics for decorative and architectural jobs.


Architectural ceramics
Bespoke bricks, tiles, moldings and sculptures for heritage monuments and creative architecture.

Kré Design

Contemporary tiles
Created by famous designers, these tiles will add a touch of color and spice up your interior.

Pierre Boutal

Provence tiles and lava
Famous for its terracotta, Salernes tiles and lava are tailor made to decorate your home.

Louis Sette

Floor tiles and lava enamelled
Lava enamelled & Floor tiles - Kitchen and Bathroom Craft Manufacturing.

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